List of services we provide


Our exclusive services will be offered to you by using the best Italian and international consultants.

Purchase Taxes, Agency commission and
Notary services:
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Our expert consultants in the real estate services for luxury properties will assist you according to very precise rules in order to optimize the results.

    Services for the seller:

  • Meeting to provide our estimate and discuss the conditions of sale.
  • Preparation of a description for the property and its surroundings.
  • Photo service for interior and exterior.
  • Enter the ad on the website
  • Promotion of the property on the foreign market.
  • Presentation of the property to our database of selected international clientele.
  • Appointments with customers strictly accompanied by a member of our staff.
  • Interpreting and translation services.
  • Preparation of the bi-lingual preliminary purchase.
  • Registration of the preliminary purchase according to laws.
  • Complex assistance until the date of the notarial deed.
  • Update of various contractual utilities.
  • Delivery of official copy of the deed.
  • Calculation of our service commission, paid by the seller in the day of the deed of sale.

Services to the buyer:

  • Italian staff with perfect knowledge of the area.
  • Translating and Interpreting Service.
  • Initial contact with the client investor via e-mail and / or phone to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Presentation of a portfolio with selected properties.
  • Personalized tours rigorously accompanied by a professional realtor.
  • Legal, technical and fiscal advice for the purchase.
  • Trading.
  • ???Consulting structural engineer with expertise of any assessment. (Cost of the appraisal is not included our commission service)
  • Cadastral Surveys.
  • Preparation of the bi-lingual preliminary purchase agreement.
  • Registration preliminary sale as required by law.
  • Consulting for bank loan.
  • Complete assistance to the Notary Deed
  • Contractual update of various utility bills.
  • Advice for fire and theft insurance on the house.
  • Spedition of an official copy of the deed.
  • Support for restructuring where necessary.
  • Consulting for interior design and furnishings.
  • Organization of Security Service.
  • Calculation of our service commission, to be paid by the buyer to the day of the deed of purchase.

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